Berry - Your AI CSM

Berry (YC W23) offers an AI CSM that scales customer success for SaaS companies.

Our AI CSM onboards/trains customers, cutting onboarding time, increasing account activation.

It’s a 10x hire to your team - at a fraction of the cost.

The Problem

Every post-sales organization faces the challenge of scaling customer success without having to hire more.

White-glove onboarding does not scale, and mass customer training can’t meet customers’ individual needs.

The Solution

Berry combines the best of the two worlds - taking the white-glove onboarding experience and offering it at scale. Our AI CSM comes with superpowers:

  1. Infinite Knowledge: It retains an unlimited memory of your entire product knowledge base and remains constantly updated - retraining only takes seconds, not days or weeks.
  2. Human-like Thinking: It knows how to guide customers in problem discovery and change management, even when customers struggle to articulate their needs effectively.
  3. Instant Strategy Adoption: Like a sponge, it absorbs any new CS strategy and implements it instantly. For example, it can pinpoint specific features to promote, driving adoption and enhancing retention.